Customer Survey Free

A concise survey tailored to gather feedback from customers about their experiences with a product or service offered for free.

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About this template

The Customer Survey Free is purpose-built to source feedback from individuals who have interacted with a product or service offered at no cost. Understanding the experiences and perspectives of these users is pivotal, as they often represent potential paying customers in the future.

This survey commences with a CSAT question that swiftly captures the respondent’s overall sentiment about the free product or service. This forms a foundation for the upcoming questions and helps in gauging immediate reactions.

Subsequent questions delve deeper, seeking specifics on what was used or tried, and probing if the user would consider a paid version or continuation of the offering. Feedback on positive aspects and areas of improvement provides valuable qualitative insights.

To further understand the user’s journey, a ‘thumbs’ question is utilised to grasp the ease and intuitiveness of the setup or usage process. The survey concludes with the all-important NPS, indicating the likelihood of the user recommending the offering to others.

Usage tips:

  • This survey can be tailored and integrated post-product trial or during a promotional campaign.

  • For enhanced insights, consider segmenting the feedback based on user demographics or usage patterns.

  • Act on the feedback, especially around improvements, to convert these free users into loyal, paying customers in the future.

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