Distance Learning Feedback Form

A form to collect feedback from distance learning participants.

No credit card required

About Distance Learning Feedback Form

The Distance Learning Feedback Form is designed to collect feedback from participants in distance learning programs. This form allows students to provide valuable insights and suggestions to improve the overall distance learning experience.

Distance Learning Feedback Form Questions

  1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the distance learning program. This question helps assess the general satisfaction level of students with the program.

  2. How likely are you to recommend the distance learning program to others? This question measures the likelihood of students recommending the program to others, indicating their level of satisfaction.

  3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how engaging were the online learning materials? This question evaluates the effectiveness of the learning materials in keeping students engaged.

  4. What did you like most about the distance learning program? This open-ended question allows students to share positive aspects of the program.

  5. What areas do you think could be improved in the distance learning program? This question provides students an opportunity to provide constructive feedback and suggest areas for improvement.

  6. Please rate the effectiveness of the online communication and support provided by the instructors. This likert scale question helps evaluate the quality of communication and support from instructors.

  7. Please rank the following aspects of the distance learning program in order of importance to you (1 being the most important and 5 being the least important). This question allows students to prioritize different aspects of the program according to their preferences.

Feel free to customize the questions to suit your specific distance learning program and gather the most relevant feedback from your students.

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