Diversity Survey

A survey crafted to understand the diversity and inclusiveness within an organisation. This helps in gauging workplace representation and fostering an inclusive environment.

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About this template

The Diversity Survey plays a pivotal role in understanding and gauging the diversity present within an organisation. Diversity is not just limited to understanding different races and ethnicities, but also includes gender, age, disability, and many other factors.

In this survey, questions are framed to ensure that they are non-intrusive, respectful, and value the respondent’s privacy. Starting with gender, it provides options beyond just male and female, recognising the diversity of gender. The age group question aims to understand generational diversity. The ethnicity question, while often sensitive, is crucial in understanding racial and cultural representation within an organisation.

The question regarding disability is a simple yes or no format, ensuring the respondent doesn’t feel compelled to disclose more than they’re comfortable with. The NPS-style question gauges the inclusivity perception of employees, providing a scale for them to rate the organisation.

Ending with an open-ended question allows employees to share their experiences, insights, and suggestions. This fosters a sense of involvement and can be a treasure trove of qualitative data to inform diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Remember: Always approach diversity and inclusion with sensitivity and sincerity. It’s not about ticking boxes but about fostering an environment where everyone feels seen, valued, and heard. It’s essential to consider your audience and organisation’s specific needs when deploying this survey. Always prioritise the confidentiality and respect of respondents.

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