Employee Exit Survey

A survey to gather insights from departing employees to understand their reasons for leaving and to gather feedback on the company's work environment.

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About this template

The Employee Exit Survey serves a dual purpose: to fathom the reasons why employees decide to leave a company and to gain insights on the work environment, culture, and other facets that could be optimised. Exit surveys are integral to HR’s retention strategies as they highlight potential issues that might otherwise remain concealed.

Initiating with a direct question about the reason for departure allows the company to identify common patterns, if any, among departing employees. The subsequent textarea enables employees to elaborate, providing a deeper context.

The use of the Likert scale helps assess key areas such as recognition, professional growth, and work culture. The granularity of responses, as opposed to a binary ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’, ensures more nuanced feedback. The query about potential return to the company is a great indicator of the overall employee experience. A ‘Yes’ can be a testament to a positive stint despite departure, while ‘No’ can be a red flag for HR.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Treat the feedback confidentially and anonymously to encourage genuine responses.

  • Analyse the data periodically, identifying trends and implementing corrective measures accordingly.

  • Communicate to the workforce that their feedback is taken seriously and is instrumental in effecting positive change.

By giving departing employees a voice, businesses can ensure a continuous loop of feedback and improvement.

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