Employee Experience Survey

A detailed survey designed to gauge employees' experiences, satisfaction levels, and identify areas of improvement within the organisation.

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About this template

The Employee Experience Survey is tailored to extract genuine insights from the backbone of any organisation – its employees. Through this survey, organisations can understand the nuances of employee experience and identify strengths and gaps in the workplace.

It begins with a CSAT question, which provides an immediate snapshot of overall employee satisfaction. This also determines the direction for some conditional questions, directing satisfied employees towards positive feedback and those less satisfied towards areas of improvement.

The Likert scale questions provide depth, touching on aspects of job satisfaction and managerial interactions. Such questions are chosen for their ability to fetch granular responses, revealing how employees feel about specific areas without pushing them to a binary yes/no.

The NPS style question is pivotal to understand if employees perceive the organisation as a recommendable workplace – a significant indicator of overall satisfaction and alignment with company values.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Ensure confidentiality to allow employees to be forthright.
  • Periodically run this survey to monitor improvements or declines in experience.
  • Share the feedback’s results and the measures the organisation intends to take, reinforcing a feedback-driven culture.
  • Use feedback to inform HR and leadership decisions, enhancing the overall employee experience.

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