Employee Feedback Survey

A structured survey tailored to collect feedback from employees, aimed at understanding their satisfaction, challenges, and areas of improvement within the workplace.

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About this template

The Employee Feedback Survey has been curated to discern the sentiments, experiences, and areas of concern for employees within an organisation. Regular feedback from employees can catalyse significant enhancements in workplace culture, productivity, and job satisfaction.

The survey delves into job role satisfaction, employing a CSAT question. This type of query provides a straightforward metric of an employee’s contentment within their role.

The duration of employment query can offer insights into perspectives based on tenure, enabling targeted strategies for newer vs. veteran employees.

Likert scale questions, a hallmark of this survey, facilitate nuanced feedback. By asking about feeling valued and opportunities for professional growth, companies can gauge morale and areas for potential development.

An NPS question gauges the overall sentiment about the company as a workplace, offering an overarching metric of satisfaction.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Ensure anonymity to promote honest feedback without fear of repercussions.
  • Review feedback at regular intervals and act on areas of concern.
  • Communicate actions taken based on feedback, emphasising the value placed on employee input.
  • Adapt and expand the survey based on specific organisational needs and changing workplace dynamics.

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