Employee Motivation Survey

A survey designed to assess the motivation levels of employees, understand driving factors, and identify areas for improvement.

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About this template

The Employee Motivation Survey is a pivotal tool for businesses to measure the morale and motivation levels of their staff. Employee motivation is integral to enhanced productivity, reduced turnover, and the overall success of an organisation.

Starting with an NPS styled question, we get a numeric representation of motivation levels. This quantitative metric can be helpful to gauge general sentiments, track changes over time, or compare departments or teams.

Diving deeper, the multi-select question elucidates factors that serve as primary motivators. Different employees are driven by different elements, and understanding this diversity is essential for effective management strategies.

Open-ended textarea questions enable employees to voice specific concerns or suggestions. This qualitative feedback can uncover latent issues or pinpoint exact problem areas. It’s often these detailed insights that lead to actionable changes.

Using a likert scale, the survey probes into the frequency of recognition. Recognition plays a pivotal role in motivation, and this question can help HR understand if current recognition strategies are effective or need revamping.

The feedback you gather is instrumental in designing HR initiatives, improving workplace culture, and fostering an environment where employees are motivated and engaged. This survey serves as a starting point to understand the sentiment, but remember, the real change happens when feedback is acted upon.

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