Employee Safety Survey

A comprehensive survey designed to gauge employees' perception of workplace safety and identify potential areas of concern.

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About this template

The Employee Safety Survey has been meticulously curated to understand the safety sentiments and experiences of employees within their workplace. In any organisation, ensuring the safety and security of employees should be paramount, and this survey serves as a tool to gather firsthand insights.

Beginning with a Likert scale question, the survey seeks to determine the general feeling of safety within the workplace. A neutral option allows for more nuanced feedback. Recognising and addressing perceptions of safety is crucial in fostering a positive working environment.

The inclusion of the thumbs question enables employers to understand the frequency of safety incidents. By following this with a conditional textarea question, employers can gain deeper insights into any specific incidents. This ensures that feedback remains relevant and actionable.

The final open-ended question is essential for gathering specific recommendations from employees. They may have insights into potential hazards or improvements that might not be immediately evident to management.

It is imperative that management approach the responses to this survey with openness and a commitment to making positive changes. Demonstrating a genuine interest in employee safety is vital for trust, morale, and overall job satisfaction.

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