Employee Survey

A structured survey to gauge employee satisfaction, concerns, and areas of improvement in the organisation.

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About this template

The Employee Survey serves as a diagnostic tool to assess organisational health from the vantage point of its workforce. It covers a range of topics from job satisfaction to opinions about career growth, giving employees a platform to voice their sentiments, aspirations, and grievances.

Initiating the survey with a CSAT question concerning the employee’s role is pivotal in setting the tone. This acts as a barometer to measure job satisfaction levels. A significant aspect to note is the use of the Likert scale in two places: gauging feelings of being valued and perceptions about career opportunities. The scale offers more granularity than binary choices, reflecting the complexity of human sentiment.

Questions around intentions to leave the organisation can be touchy, yet they offer invaluable insights into potential retention issues. Should an employee indicate such an inclination, a conditional query probes further, aiming to isolate the root cause.

To wrap up, the survey solicits open-ended feedback, allowing employees to elaborate on specific areas of concern or offer praise. This space is indispensable, as it often harvests actionable insights not covered by the structured queries.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Administer the survey at regular intervals to monitor trends and measure the impact of HR interventions.
  • Ensure anonymity to foster honest responses.
  • Pair the survey with action: demonstrate that feedback is not only heard but also acted upon, fostering trust and boosting morale.

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