Employee Wellbeing Survey

A comprehensive survey designed to understand employee wellbeing, mental health, and identify areas of workplace improvement.

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About this template

The Employee Wellbeing Survey is crafted to gain insights into the mental and emotional health of employees in the workplace. Employee wellbeing is critical, not just for the individual, but for the overall productivity and morale of an organisation.

The survey starts with an NPS question to capture a general sense of the employees’ wellbeing. The National Promoter Score (NPS) is typically used to measure loyalty, but in this context, it provides a quantifiable metric for wellbeing.

A multi-select question follows, allowing respondents to identify key factors influencing their wellbeing. This approach provides clarity on areas that are either promoting a sense of wellness or potentially contributing to discomfort.

Using a thumbs question, the survey gauges the stress levels of employees. With rising awareness about mental health, understanding stress factors is essential for any organisation. Further, a conditional question allows employees who’ve experienced stress to share their feelings in depth.

Finally, another thumbs question assesses if employees feel they have sufficient mental health resources and support at their disposal.

In wrapping up the survey, it’s vital to communicate gratitude and ensure employees that their feedback will be used constructively. It also reinforces trust, showing that the organisation genuinely cares about their wellbeing.

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