Event Feedback Survey

A detailed survey aimed at collecting attendee feedback on their event experience to drive improvements for future events.

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About this template

The Event Feedback Survey is tailored to gather candid feedback from event attendees, providing organisers with a clear snapshot of what went well and areas of potential enhancement. Such feedback is crucial, not only for celebrating successes but for ensuring that subsequent events evolve to meet attendee expectations and needs.

Starting with a general CSAT question helps set the tone of the respondent’s overall feelings towards the event. Further, pinpointing specific sessions or speakers that resonated allows organisers to understand the standout elements of the event.

The question on event duration provides insights into pacing and content density, ensuring that future events strike the right balance. Using a Likert scale, attendees can reflect on organisational aspects and logistics of the event without being confined to a simple yes/no response.

The open-ended suggestion box creates a space for attendees to share any creative ideas, concerns, or thoughts that might not be addressed by the other questions.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Distribute the survey promptly post-event while memories are fresh.
  • Consider adding questions relevant to specific aspects of your event.
  • Regularly review feedback, ensuring that positive changes are implemented in subsequent events.
  • Recognise and appreciate the positive aspects and work on areas that require improvement.

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