Guest Satisfaction Survey

A survey designed to gauge the level of satisfaction among guests and identify areas for improvement.

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About this template

This Guest Satisfaction Survey is designed to capture the guest’s overall experience, with the aim to identify areas that need improvement and continue enhancing the aspects that the guests love. It starts with a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) question to gauge the general satisfaction level of the guest.

The following question asks the guest if they would consider staying again, giving a direct insight into customer loyalty and satisfaction. The response to this question can provide a key performance indicator for the hospitality establishment.

The next two questions are displayed conditionally based on the CSAT rating given by the guest. If the guest rated their experience as satisfactory (a score of 3 or above), they are asked about the most enjoyable aspects of their stay. This helps the establishment understand its strengths from a guest’s perspective. If the rating is less than 3, the guest is instead asked for suggestions for improvement. This provides an opportunity to collect actionable feedback.

The survey concludes with a message thanking the guest for their feedback, emphasising the establishment’s customer-centric approach.

To get the best results from this survey, it is recommended to send it shortly after the guest’s stay, when their experience is still fresh in their mind. Remember to act on the feedback received and inform guests about the improvements made based on their suggestions. This will demonstrate that their feedback is valued and taken seriously.

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