Cafe Survey

A survey tailored to gather feedback on a cafe's ambience, food quality, service, and overall customer experience.

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About this template

The Cafe Survey is intricately designed to capture feedback pertinent to a cafe setting. Whether you’re a quaint little cafe in a town or a bustling one in the city centre, understanding your customers’ perspectives is crucial to your business growth.

This survey begins with a rating on food quality. Given that the primary attraction of a cafe is its food and beverages, gauging this aspect is paramount. A star-rating format is used here for its universality and ease of comprehension.

Ambiance plays a pivotal role in a cafe setting. It sets the mood for your customers, determining whether they’ll linger over another cup of coffee or make a swift exit. The likert scale used for this question provides a gradient for feedback, ranging from ‘Very Cozy’ to ‘Very Unpleasant’.

Staff behaviour can make or break a dining experience. The thumbs option provides a straightforward way for respondents to express their feelings about your team.

Knowing what your customers usually order can provide insights into your bestsellers and might influence inventory decisions. Hence, the multi-select question on the menu items.

Lastly, an open-ended textarea allows patrons to share further thoughts, be it praise, criticism, or suggestions. This qualitative feedback can be a goldmine of insights for business enhancement.

Remember to make your patrons feel valued. Thank them for their time and feedback, ensuring they leave with a positive sentiment, eager to return.

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