Cafe Mystery Shop Survey

A comprehensive survey designed for secret shoppers to evaluate and report on their cafe experience.

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About this template

The Cafe Mystery Shop Survey is meticulously crafted for mystery or secret shoppers who visit cafes incognito to evaluate the customer experience. This survey template is essential for cafe owners to gather unbiased feedback, ensuring they meet and exceed customer expectations.

The survey commences with a Likert scale question assessing the initial greeting, an integral part of a customer’s cafe experience. A warm and welcoming greeting can set the tone for the entire visit.

Thumbs questions quickly ascertain the proactive nature of the staff in explaining the menu or offering recommendations. This can provide insights into staff training needs and whether they are actively engaging customers in a manner that can enhance their dining experience.

The cleanliness of the cafe, captured using a star-rating, provides an immediate indicator of the cafe’s hygiene standards, while the Likert scale question about food quality offers insights into the culinary standards upheld by the establishment.

Concluding with an open textarea question ensures any additional comments, observations, or unique experiences are captured, providing richer feedback for the cafe owner.

In a competitive industry, understanding and improving the nitty-gritty aspects of customer experience can be the key differentiator. This survey template serves as a valuable tool to achieve that.

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