Coffee Shop Survey

A survey tailored to understand customers' preferences and feedback related to a coffee shop's ambiance, service, and offerings.

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About this template

The Coffee Shop Survey aims to garner insights into the customer’s experience at your establishment. Coffee shops aren’t just about brewing an excellent cup of coffee; they encompass the complete experience – from the taste and quality of beverages to the comfort of the ambiance.

Starting with a star-rating question allows customers to express their thoughts about the most primary product - the coffee. It’s essential to keep this as the first metric as it’s often the primary reason customers visit in the first place.

The ambiance of a coffee shop plays a crucial role in determining whether customers spend extended periods at your establishment or leave shortly after getting their order. The thumbs question efficiently gauges this sentiment.

Incorporating a likert question about pastries provides a nuanced understanding of the overall food experience, which complements the coffee.

Open-ended textarea feedback is invaluable. It enables customers to share insights that might not be captured through structured questions, possibly revealing areas of improvement you hadn’t previously considered.

Lastly, the NPS question gives a clear indication of the overall satisfaction of customers and their likelihood to promote your coffee shop to others. High scores indicate not only satisfaction but a level of enthusiasm about your shop that they’re willing to share with others.

Remember, continuous feedback is key to refining your offerings and ensuring your coffee shop remains a favourite hub for both loyal and new customers alike.

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