Hotel Satisfaction Survey

This survey aims to gather feedback from hotel guests about their stay, in order to improve service quality and guest experience.

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About this template

The Hotel Satisfaction Survey is designed to collect valuable feedback from guests about their stay. The goal is to identify areas of excellence and potential improvement, ultimately enhancing the guest experience.

The survey starts with a ‘message’ type element to introduce the survey and its purpose. It’s important to incentivise the user to complete the survey, thus the estimated completion time is communicated.

The first question uses a ‘csat’ (Customer Satisfaction) type, which is a simple and effective way to measure satisfaction. It’s required because it provides a baseline for understanding the respondent’s overall experience.

The next two questions are ‘text’ type and they are conditional based on the CSAT score. If the score is greater than 3, the guest is asked about the best part of their stay, aiming to identify what the hotel is doing well. If the score is less or equal to 3, the guest is asked about areas of improvement, helping the hotel understand where it needs to focus its efforts. These questions are not required, allowing respondents to skip them if they don’t have specific comments.

The last question is a ‘single-select’ type, asking whether the guest would stay again. This is crucial to understand the likelihood of repeat business.

Finally, a thank you message wraps up the survey, reinforcing the appreciation for the guest’s time and feedback.

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