How Are We Doing Survey

A survey designed to gauge customer satisfaction and understand areas of improvement.

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About this template

The How Are We Doing Survey is strategically designed to understand the satisfaction levels of your customers. It’s essential for businesses to keep their finger on the pulse of customer sentiment to ensure that their products or services are meeting expectations and to identify areas that need enhancement.

The survey begins with a CSAT question, which is a universally recognised metric for measuring customer satisfaction. Customers simply express how they feel about a product or service. Responses here can give a quick snapshot of how well your service or product is received.

However, CSAT scores alone might not give the complete picture. Thus, the inclusion of a conditional question. If a respondent gives a low CSAT score (2 or below), they’re prompted to elaborate on their experience. This provides valuable qualitative insights into what exactly might have gone wrong or caused dissatisfaction.

Further, by asking customers about areas of improvement through a multi-select question, you can gather specifics on what aspects of your business need attention. This not only helps in narrowing down problem areas but also showcases that you’re proactive in wanting to enhance your offerings.

Remember to always express gratitude for the time and effort that your customers put into giving feedback. This fosters a sense of appreciation and might encourage them to engage with future surveys.

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