Lash Booking Form

A form to book lash extension appointments.

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About Lash Booking Form Template

The Lash Booking Form template is designed to streamline the process of booking lash extension appointments. With this form, beauty salons and lash technicians can collect all the necessary information from clients to ensure a smooth and efficient booking process.

To use this template, simply embed it on your website or share the form link with your clients. The form starts with a welcoming message to create a positive first impression. It then asks for the client’s full name, email address, phone number, appointment date, and preferred time. These fields are marked as required to ensure that essential contact details are provided.

The form also includes a single-select question for the client to choose their desired lash style, such as natural, glamorous, or dramatic. This helps the salon understand the client’s preferences and provide a tailored experience.

If the client has any additional comments or requests, they can share them in the optional textarea field.

For privacy compliance, a message is included to inform clients about how their personal information will be used and protected.

Once the form is submitted, a thank you message is displayed to confirm the booking and express gratitude.

Lash Booking Form Questions

  1. Full Name (Required): Collects the client’s full name for identification purposes.
  2. Email Address (Required): Gathers the client’s email address for communication and confirmation.
  3. Phone Number (Required): Collects the client’s phone number to contact them if needed.
  4. Appointment Date (Required): Asks for the preferred date of the lash extension appointment.
  5. Preferred Time (Required): Gathers the client’s preferred time for the appointment.
  6. Lash Style (Required): Allows the client to select their desired lash style from the given options.
  7. Additional Comments (Optional): Provides a textarea for clients to share any additional comments or requests.

Feel free to customize this form template according to your specific lash salon’s needs. Add or remove questions to align with your booking process and preferences. Providing a seamless booking experience will help attract more clients and ensure their satisfaction with your lash extension services.

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