Neighbourhood Safety Survey

A detailed survey to assess residents' perceptions of safety, security concerns, and the overall well-being within a neighbourhood. The data collected can be invaluable for community boards and law enforcement.

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About Neighbourhood Safety Survey Template

The Neighbourhood Safety Survey aims to grasp the perceptions, experiences, and suggestions of residents regarding safety in their locality. The feedback collected provides a foundation for understanding the security challenges faced by residents, and the measures that can be adopted to alleviate those concerns.

Such a survey is particularly beneficial for community boards, local councils, and law enforcement agencies, helping them to understand and proactively address security challenges faced by the community. With crime and safety being major determinants of residents’ quality of life, it’s essential that they have a platform to voice their concerns and contribute to community well-being.

Neighbourhood Safety Survey Questions

  1. I feel safe walking in my neighbourhood during the daytime/night. - These Likert scale questions aim to understand residents’ comfort and perceived safety levels during different times of the day.

  2. Have you witnessed or been a victim of crime in the neighbourhood in the past year? - This question identifies the frequency and nature of crime instances experienced by residents.

  3. If yes, please describe the incident (without revealing personal details). - A conditional question capturing more specifics about the crime incident if the respondent has experienced one. This provides contextual data without compromising the respondent’s privacy.

  4. Which of the following security measures do you believe should be improved or added to our neighbourhood? - Allows residents to suggest tangible improvements to the safety infrastructure and services in the area.

Feedback from the Neighbourhood Safety Survey can aid in devising effective community safety strategies and initiatives. By collaborating and acting on resident feedback, community leaders can foster trust and enhance the quality of life in the neighbourhood.

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