Parent Satisfaction Survey

This survey aims to measure parents' satisfaction regarding their child's school experience and to gather actionable feedback.

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About this template

This Parent Satisfaction Survey aims to measure parents’ satisfaction regarding their child’s school experience. It’s designed to gather both quantitative data through structured questions and qualitative insights through open-ended questions.

The survey starts with a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) question to gauge the overall level of satisfaction. CSAT is widely recognized as an effective way to measure satisfaction levels quickly and easily. It’s followed by two open-ended questions asking parents what they like the most and what they think needs improvement in the school. These questions provide valuable insights into what’s working well and where there’s room for growth.

The survey then includes an NPS (Net Promoter Score) question to understand how likely parents are to recommend the school to others. This is a key indicator of overall satisfaction and loyalty. Following the NPS question, there’s a CSAT style question to gauge satisfaction with the school’s communication with parents. This question provides specific feedback on an important aspect of the school-parent relationship.

Lastly, the survey includes a conditionally displayed open-ended question for additional comments or suggestions. This question only appears if parents express neutral to negative satisfaction with the school’s communication, allowing the school to gather more detailed feedback from those who may have concerns or suggestions for improvement.

In conclusion, this survey template provides a comprehensive tool for schools to gather actionable feedback and improve their services based on parents’ perspectives. It’s crucial to analyse and act on the results to ensure continuous improvement and to maintain a positive relationship with parents.

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