Participation Survey

A survey designed to gauge involvement, attendance, and active participation in events, programs, or initiatives.

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About this template

The Participation Survey is a crucial tool to understand attendees’ experiences, motivations, and suggestions regarding events or programs. Whether it’s an event, workshop, or training session, knowing how attendees felt about their participation can provide insights into areas of success and potential improvement.

This survey kicks off by identifying the specific event or program. It’s crucial to differentiate between multiple events when collecting feedback to accurately address concerns or praises. We then gauge if it’s the attendee’s first time, as feedback may vary between first-time attendees and regulars.

The use of the NPS scale provides a quick snapshot of the overall satisfaction levels. This is followed by understanding attendees’ motivations, which can help event planners cater content and activities to the audience’s interests.

Lastly, an open-ended question invites suggestions, offering attendees a platform to share their ideas or concerns. Remember, feedback isn’t just about understanding the past but also about shaping future events and programs.

To utilise this survey effectively, consider deploying it shortly after an event or program concludes, while the experience is fresh in the attendees’ minds. Act on the feedback, iterate, and always strive to deliver better experiences.

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