Physical Security Survey

A detailed survey focused on evaluating the efficacy of physical security measures and protocols within a facility.

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General Purpose

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About this template

The Physical Security Survey is meticulously crafted to assess the strength and effectiveness of security provisions in a facility. Ensuring the safety of staff and assets is paramount, and this survey acts as a touchstone for gauging the adequacy of current measures.

Commencing with a CSAT question, the survey quickly sets the stage by capturing the respondent’s overall sentiment towards the facility’s physical security. Following this, more granular questions delve into specifics, such as the perceived effectiveness of various measures like surveillance cameras or access controls.

A standout feature is the stack-rank question that allows respondents to prioritise security elements as per their importance, providing invaluable insights into areas that might need more attention or resources.

Utilisation tips:

  • Distribute this survey periodically, ensuring that security protocols remain top-notch and evolve as per staff feedback.

  • Collate responses and undertake a systematic review, potentially collaborating with a security consultant to make informed enhancements.

  • Ensure that feedback is actively incorporated, and communicate any resultant changes to the staff, reinforcing that their safety is a priority.

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