Post-Purchase Satisfaction Survey

A survey to gather feedback from customers after a purchase to evaluate their satisfaction level and identify areas of improvement.

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About this template

This Post-Purchase Satisfaction Survey is meticulously designed to understand the satisfaction levels of customers after they’ve made a purchase. The objective is to identify areas that may need improvement and areas that are excelling. Gathering post-purchase feedback is crucial for businesses as it provides them with actionable insights which can lead to enhanced customer experience and retention.

Post-Purchase Satisfaction Survey Questions

  1. Which product did you purchase? - This open-ended question helps in identifying which products are being reviewed, making the feedback product-specific.

  2. NPS Score - Using an NPS scale gives businesses a clear idea about the likelihood of their product being recommended. A high score indicates satisfaction while a lower score can be a red flag indicating possible issues.

  3. What did you like most about the product? - An open-ended question to gather positive feedback and understand the product’s strengths.

  4. Were there any aspects of the product you were dissatisfied with? - Helps in gathering critical feedback that can lead to product improvements.

  5. Did you encounter any issues while using the product? - A simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question to quickly understand if there were any glaring issues.

  6. Please specify the issues you faced - A conditional question that only appears if the customer faced any issues, allowing them to elaborate.

Concluding the survey with a thank you message makes respondents feel valued and appreciated for their time and effort. Remember, the goal of this survey isn’t just to gather data, but also to make customers feel heard and improve their overall experience.

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