Provider Satisfaction Survey

A survey designed to evaluate the satisfaction of providers in your network or service, identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.

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About this template

The Provider Satisfaction Survey is tailored to assess the satisfaction levels of providers or professionals within a healthcare network or service. Engaging with providers and understanding their needs and pain points is crucial to maintain a high-quality service, optimise workflow, and ensure that patients receive the best care possible.

Starting with a CSAT question allows providers to quickly rate their overall satisfaction, providing an immediate snapshot of their sentiment. Multi-select questions following this offer insight into which specific areas of your service are perceived positively, allowing you to understand and maintain these strengths.

The inclusion of an NPS (Net Promoter Score) question is paramount in measuring the likelihood of providers recommending your services. A high score indicates positive word-of-mouth potential, while lower scores can indicate deeper issues that need immediate attention.

The textarea element allows providers to share open-ended feedback. This offers valuable qualitative insights that can provide context to the quantitative scores, helping to identify specific areas of concern or improvement.

Lastly, expressing gratitude is essential. This survey not only gathers feedback but also strengthens the relationship with providers by showcasing a commitment to their satisfaction.

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