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An optimised 'Link in Bio' page tailored for the Peanut social network, focusing on connecting women through various life stages.

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This template is tailored for the Peanut social network, offering a unique space for women going through various life stages like fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, and menopause. It serves as a central hub to guide users to the most relevant and supportive resources.

  • Avatar: Instantly establishes a personal touch and sets a welcoming tone.
  • Headings and Text: These elements introduce the purpose of the page and guide users to make meaningful connections.
  • Links: These are curated to cover key life stages and concerns common in the Peanut community. The goal is to guide users to valuable resources and communities.
  • Calendly: Offers a direct line to book support or consultation sessions, increasing engagement and offering immediate value.
  • Reviews: These are strategically placed to build trust and offer social proof from women who have benefitted from the community.
  • Social Media Icons: Specifically focused on the Peanut platform, it encourages users to stay connected.

To maximise impact, it’s essential to keep the content up-to-date based on community needs and feedback. This ensures that the page continues to serve its purpose as a dynamic, resource-rich hub.

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