Chiropractor Feedback Survey

Gather feedback from chiropractic patients to improve the quality of service.

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About this template

The Chiropractor Feedback Survey is designed to gather valuable feedback from chiropractic patients and improve the quality of service provided. By understanding patients’ experiences, satisfaction levels, and suggestions for improvement, chiropractors can enhance their services to meet patients’ needs effectively.

Survey Questions

  1. Overall Experience Rating (Required): Patients are asked to rate their overall experience with the chiropractic services using a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scale. This question provides a high-level overview of patient satisfaction.

  2. Appreciated Aspect of Service (Required): Patients are given an opportunity to share the specific aspect of the chiropractic service they appreciated the most. This open-ended question helps identify key strengths and areas of excellence.

  3. Likelihood to Recommend (Required): Using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) scale, patients indicate how likely they are to recommend the chiropractic services to others. This question assesses the potential for word-of-mouth referrals and gauges patient loyalty.

  4. Suggestions for Improvement: Patients have the option to provide suggestions for improving the chiropractic services. This open-ended question allows patients to express their opinions and contribute to service enhancement.

  5. Updates and Promotions (Required): Patients are asked if they would like to receive updates and promotions from the chiropractic clinic. This question helps identify patients who are interested in staying informed and engaged.

  6. Email Address: If patients express interest in receiving updates and promotions, they can provide their email address voluntarily.

The Chiropractor Feedback Survey concludes with a thank you message for completing the survey.

By utilizing this survey template, chiropractors can gain insights into patient experiences, identify areas for improvement, foster patient loyalty, and maintain effective communication channels with their patients.

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