Quick Survey

A rapid and concise survey designed to gather immediate feedback without taking much of the respondent's time.

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About this template

The Quick Survey is crafted with the aim of swiftly capturing the essential feedback without consuming much of the respondent’s time. It combines the power of the NPS (Net Promoter Score) metric and open-ended questions to provide both quantitative and qualitative insights.

The survey starts with the NPS question. The 0-10 scale is widely recognised and understood, making it easy for respondents to provide their level of satisfaction and recommendation likelihood. The following open-ended questions are designed to understand the ‘why’ behind their score. While they are optional, they are instrumental in gaining deeper insights into customer sentiments.

To make the most of this template, it’s best used at key touchpoints, such as after an online purchase or at the end of a service experience. The combination of immediate feedback and swift completion time ensures high response rates. Regularly analyse the feedback to make informed decisions and foster customer loyalty.

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