Ranking Survey

A comprehensive survey to understand respondents' preferences by asking them to rank various options.

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About this template

The Ranking Survey is designed to dive deep into the preferences and priorities of respondents. It’s particularly useful when trying to understand what aspects or features of a product, service, or event are most valued by your audience. By having respondents rank various options, you get clear insights into what matters most and least to them.

This template begins with a stack-rank question, a powerful tool to gauge preferences. Respondents are presented with a list of features and asked to rank them. This direct approach gives businesses actionable insights to align their strategies with customer preferences.

A conditional question follows, offering an opportunity for respondents to highlight if they feel any vital features are absent from the list. This is crucial as it ensures that you aren’t overlooking any potential areas of importance. Remember, when interpreting the results, a higher rank doesn’t just signify preference but often indicates a feature’s perceived value.

To optimise this survey, ensure you frame the ranking options clearly. Ambiguity can lead to skewed results. Furthermore, regularly updating the options based on market trends and prior feedback ensures that the survey remains relevant and insightful.

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