Retail Mystery Shop Survey

A comprehensive survey designed to evaluate the retail experience from a mystery shopper's perspective, assessing various in-store parameters.

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About this template

The Retail Mystery Shop Survey is an essential tool for retailers seeking an unbiased evaluation of their in-store experience. Mystery shopping provides a lens into the customer’s journey, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement.

The survey’s design encompasses a range of evaluative parameters:

  • Store navigation: By assessing this with a Likert scale, we gather insights into how intuitive and shopper-friendly the store layout is.

  • Employee interaction: An immediate thumbs up/down query provides a quick gauge of staff responsiveness and availability. The subsequent textarea allows for a detailed description, offering insights into staff training and customer service etiquette.

  • Cleanliness: A crucial aspect of retail, this star-rating question ensures hygiene and presentation standards are maintained.

  • Stock availability: An out-of-stock item can significantly impact sales and customer satisfaction. This feedback is vital for inventory management.

  • Checkout efficiency: Long queues or complex checkout processes can deter customers. It’s essential to ensure this final step in the shopping journey is smooth.

Closing with an open feedback option allows mystery shoppers to provide additional insights that structured questions might miss. This can be a goldmine for understanding nuances of the shopping experience and areas not previously considered.

Retailers should deploy this survey frequently and across various store locations to ensure a consistent and high-quality shopping experience.

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