Simple Survey

A straightforward survey designed to gather concise feedback on a specific topic or experience.

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About this template

The Simple Survey template is designed for those seeking concise and direct feedback on a specific topic or experience. Rather than delving into detailed questions, this survey aims to touch upon the most essential aspects, ensuring that respondents can quickly provide their insights without feeling overwhelmed.

In this template, we start by identifying the source of the customer’s knowledge about your product or service. This insight can be crucial for marketing purposes. Following this, there’s a straightforward star-rating question to gauge their overall experience. And lastly, an optional open-text question allows for elaborative feedback, if the respondent wishes to provide any.

The simplicity of this survey makes it versatile and appropriate for various industries and scenarios. To get the best results, ensure that the survey is placed at relevant touchpoints where the respondent’s experience is fresh, such as post-purchase or after a service interaction. While the survey is basic, the insights it can offer can be invaluable in improving your offerings and understanding your audience better.

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