Customer Cancellation Survey

This form template is designed to gather feedback from customers who have cancelled their services. It helps to understand the reasons behind the cancellation and to improve future customer experiences.

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About Customer Cancellation Survey Template

This template is designed to help businesses understand why customers cancel their services. The insights gained can be used to improve the product or service, customer service, pricing, and overall customer experience. It is essential to understand the reasons behind customer churn to reduce it and increase customer retention.

Customer Cancellation Survey Questions

The form starts with a friendly message expressing regret for the customer’s departure and the value of their feedback. The first question asks for the main reason for cancelling the service. This is a single-select question, meaning the respondent can only choose one option. The options include common reasons for service cancellation, such as poor service, finding a better service, no longer needing the service, and the service being too expensive.

The second question is an open-ended question allowing the respondent to provide more detailed feedback. This question is optional.

The third question is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question asking how likely the respondent is to recommend the service to others. This question provides a measure of the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

The form ends with a thank you message, expressing appreciation for the respondent’s time and feedback.

Remember, all questions can be customised to fit your specific needs.

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