Smiley Face Survey

A short and interactive survey using smiley faces (CSAT) to gauge satisfaction levels from respondents.

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About this template

The Smiley Face Survey is an engaging and effective method to collect feedback using a visually intuitive mechanism - the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score). CSAT, commonly depicted with smiley faces, is a quick indicator of a respondent’s satisfaction level.

In this survey, we begin with a CSAT question, which gives respondents an immediate visual cue and allows them to express their feelings without needing to articulate or rationalise them. Following this, there’s a conditional question that prompts users to provide additional comments if they’ve shown interest. This methodology ensures that we don’t burden respondents with unnecessary questions, but give them the space to express when they have more to share.

To effectively utilise this template, ensure you’re placing it at strategic touchpoints - right after a purchase, post an event, or even during a digital interaction. The key is immediacy; capturing feedback while the experience is fresh guarantees more accurate results. Remember, the goal is not just to gather data but to understand and act on it. Regularly reviewing and iterating based on this feedback can drastically improve your customer experience.

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