Supplier Audit Survey

A structured survey aimed at evaluating the performance, quality, and reliability of suppliers. This helps organisations identify potential risks, areas for improvement, and make informed procurement decisions.

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About Supplier Audit Survey Template

The Supplier Audit Survey has been meticulously crafted to evaluate the performance, reliability, and quality of suppliers. This plays a pivotal role for organisations, enabling them to discern potential risks, areas that require improvement, and make informed, strategic procurement decisions. Such audits are integral to understanding the supplier’s perspective, ensuring that partnerships remain fruitful and advantageous for both parties.

Supplier audits can provide actionable insights into the functioning of internal procurement processes, the clarity of purchase orders, and the overall supplier relationship.

Supplier Audit Survey Questions

  1. Please provide the name of your organisation. - Captures the basic identification information for the audit.

  2. How many years have you been in operation? - Gives insight into the experience and stability of the supplier.

  3. Our organisation provides timely payments for the supplied goods/services. - Gauges the supplier’s satisfaction with payment timelines using a Likert scale.

  4. Have you encountered any challenges while dealing with our procurement team? - Helps identify operational pain points from the supplier’s viewpoint.

  5. If yes, please describe the challenges. - Fetches detailed qualitative data if challenges exist.

  6. How would you rate the clarity of our purchase orders and specifications? - A CSAT question to gauge clarity in communications.

  7. Are the contractual terms and conditions clear and fair? - Assesses fairness and transparency in contractual dealings.

  8. Please rank the following factors… - Helps understand the key drivers that determine a supplier’s willingness to continue the business relationship.

Effective supplier audits are a cornerstone of robust procurement strategies. By understanding and addressing the concerns of suppliers, organisations can ensure consistent product quality, timely deliveries, and a dependable supply chain.

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