Survey Form

A general-purpose survey designed to gather feedback and insights on a product or service.

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About this template

The Survey Form template is a versatile tool designed to procure feedback on a wide range of products or services. Its design is rooted in the principle of understanding the customer’s journey right from discovery to their willingness for future engagements.

Starting with understanding how the customer came to know about the product or service, it gives insight into which marketing channels are most effective. The NPS question that follows is a powerful metric to gauge customer loyalty and predict business growth.

Open-ended questions like what customers liked the most and suggestions for improvements provide qualitative data that’s invaluable. These responses can often spotlight specific strengths to lean on and precise areas needing improvement.

Lastly, the thumbs up/down question helps in understanding the customer’s interest in future engagements, which can be critical for marketing and product development strategies.

Employing a mix of quantitative and qualitative questions, this survey strikes a balance, offering a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s perspective. Always ensure that the feedback collected is analysed and acted upon to bring about real improvements.

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