Voice of Customer Survey

A comprehensive survey crafted to capture customer feedback directly, gauging their preferences, pain points, and overall experiences.

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About this template

The Voice of Customer Survey is a robust tool for businesses aiming to capture direct feedback from their customer base. This feedback forms the core of data-driven decisions, leading to enhanced products and services.

Starting with a Likert scale, customers can express their satisfaction levels with clarity. This scale is known for capturing granular sentiment compared to binary options.

The textarea questions following it allow customers to provide open-ended feedback about their likes and challenges related to the product/service. These responses are treasure troves of information, revealing both strengths to capitalise on and pain points to address.

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) question is globally recognised for gauging customer loyalty. It’s simple, yet effective, in predicting growth and customer sentiment. High scores indicate satisfied customers, while lower scores can be an alarm for potential churn.

Lastly, by asking customers if they’d be interested in a feedback session using a thumbs question, businesses can identify potential advocates or users willing to provide even deeper insights. Such sessions often lead to uncovering critical nuances that standard surveys might miss.

Using this survey, you are prioritising the voice of the customer, ensuring they are at the heart of your business decisions. Remember, a survey is as valuable as the actions that follow based on its insights. Always be proactive in addressing feedback, especially the critical ones, and show your customer base that their voice truly matters. This not only improves your products or services but also fosters a stronger bond of trust with your customers. To use this template effectively, always ensure that you’re acting on the feedback received. The true value of a Voice of Customer survey lies not just in collecting the data but in the actionable insights it provides.

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