Web Survey

A comprehensive survey designed to gather feedback and insights regarding user experience and satisfaction on a website.

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About this template

The Web Survey template is crafted to gather valuable insights about a user’s experience and satisfaction while navigating a website. The digital landscape constantly evolves, and it’s crucial for businesses to ensure their online platforms provide a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Starting with a rating question allows respondents to immediately express their overarching sentiment about the website. The subsequent questions delve into specifics, such as the ease of finding information and the primary purpose of their visit. Conditional questioning is applied to capture further details if a respondent selects ‘Other’ as a purpose, ensuring the survey remains concise for those with standard responses but adaptive for those with unique feedback.

To derive the most value from this survey, integrate it strategically into your website, perhaps as an exit-intent popup or at the end of a user journey. This positions you to collect feedback when the user’s experience is fresh in their mind. Utilise the feedback to drive website enhancements, ensuring you not only meet but exceed user expectations.

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