Website Design Feedback Survey

This website design feedback template is a survey for website visitors who want to provide feedback on the design and user experience of a website. Help us improve our website by sharing your thoughts and suggestions. Your feedback is valuable to us and will help us enhance the user experience for future visitors.

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About Website Design Feedback Template

The Website Design Feedback Survey template is designed to gather feedback and insights from website visitors about the design and user experience of a website. This template enables you to understand how satisfied visitors are with the website’s design, identify areas for improvement, and gather suggestions for enhancing the user experience.

Website Design Feedback Questions

The survey begins with a CSAT rating question to gauge overall satisfaction with the website’s design. This is followed by an NPS question to measure the likelihood of visitors recommending the website to others. If visitors provide a low satisfaction score or have suggestions for improvement, they are given the opportunity to provide more detailed feedback in a textarea question.

Visitors who express high satisfaction are asked if they would be willing to leave a review about the website. If they agree, they can share their review in a textarea question.

The survey also includes questions to assess specific aspects of the website’s design, such as visual appeal, ease of navigation, and overall user experience. Visitors are asked to rate these aspects using a likert scale.

To understand the importance of different design aspects, visitors are asked to rank them in order of importance. This provides valuable insights into which aspects have the greatest impact on visitor satisfaction.

Finally, visitors are given the option to provide their contact information if they are willing to be contacted for further feedback or clarification.

Frequently asked questions

Can I provide feedback without leaving my contact information?

Yes, providing your contact information is optional. You can choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.

How will my feedback be used?

Your feedback will be used to improve the design and user experience of our website. We value your input and will take your suggestions into consideration.

Will my contact information be shared with third parties?

No, we respect your privacy and will not share your contact information with any third parties without your consent.

How long will it take to complete the survey?

The survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on the level of detail you provide in your responses.

Can I skip questions that I don't want to answer?

Yes, you can skip questions that you don't want to answer. However, providing feedback for all questions will help us gather more comprehensive insights.

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