IT Customer Satisfaction Survey

A dedicated survey to assess the satisfaction level of users with IT services provided, aiming to improve the overall quality and efficiency of IT support.

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About this template

The IT Customer Satisfaction Survey is crafted to gauge the level of satisfaction users derive from IT services. Given the pivotal role of IT in modern businesses, understanding the users’ perspective is essential for effective IT service management.

Starting with a CSAT question, we immediately assess the user’s contentment with the service. Following this, users are prompted to specify which IT service they availed, helping in categorising feedback for targeted improvement.

Timeliness is a cornerstone of IT support; hence a dedicated question is there to capture sentiments on this. If there were delays, conditional logic prompts users to delve deeper into their experiences, offering vital qualitative insights.

Evaluating the competence of the IT personnel through a Likert scale provides a nuanced perspective on staff performance. This is further complemented by an NPS question, offering a broader view on the user’s likelihood to recommend the IT services to peers.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Regularly update the ‘IT service’ options based on the range of services you provide.
  • Act swiftly on feedback regarding delays or unresolved issues to enhance user trust.
  • Use the feedback to offer training or resources where gaps in service are identified.

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