IT Infrastructure Site Survey

A detailed survey aimed at capturing insights and understanding the IT infrastructure at a particular site or location.

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About this template

The it infrastructure site survey template is tailored to extract comprehensive information regarding the current IT setup at a specific site or location. This is paramount for IT professionals to make informed decisions related to upgrades, maintenance, and potential improvements.

Initiating with a direct query about the site being assessed guarantees each survey is appropriately labelled, simplifying the analysis stage. By querying the number of workstations, this survey offers a preliminary understanding of the scale of the IT setup.

The presence or absence of a dedicated server room and its conditions can greatly influence the quality of IT services provided. Cooling systems, in particular, are vital for maintaining hardware longevity and optimal performance. Similarly, having backup power solutions, like UPS, is indicative of the site’s preparedness for power outages or fluctuations.

The type of network connections available at the site directly impacts the speed, reliability, and security of the IT services. Furthermore, the survey provides space for the evaluator to note any challenges observed, ensuring no critical detail is overlooked.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • It’s beneficial to have this survey completed by someone familiar with IT infrastructure.
  • Photographs of specific areas, especially any areas of concern, can be appended to the survey for a visual reference.
  • For large sites with diverse infrastructure, consider conducting multiple surveys or breaking it down into departmental assessments.

Regularly review the collected data, juxtapose it with industry standards, and align your IT strategy accordingly.

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