Artificial Intelligence Perception Survey

A survey designed to understand public perceptions, experiences, and knowledge related to artificial intelligence.

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About this template

The Artificial Intelligence Perception Survey aims to gather insights on the public’s understanding and perception of artificial intelligence. In an era where AI is increasingly integrated into our daily lives, it’s pivotal for stakeholders, from businesses to governments, to grasp the public’s sentiments.

The survey begins by gauging the respondent’s familiarity with AI. This helps segment responses based on varying levels of AI awareness.

Subsequent questions delve into the perceived utility of AI across various sectors. As AI applications span from healthcare diagnostics to movie recommendations, capturing a broad perspective is key.

Trust in AI is a central theme. With the rising autonomy of AI systems, it’s crucial to understand if people trust machine decisions over human judgment. Additionally, acknowledging potential concerns aids in policy-making and in designing AI systems that align with societal values and ethics.

Given the transformative potential of AI, understanding and addressing public concerns and expectations is paramount. This survey offers a foundation to do just that.

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