Cleaning Service Feedback Form

Gather feedback from customers about their experience with your cleaning service.

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About Cleaning Service Feedback Form

The Cleaning Service Feedback Form is designed to help you gather valuable feedback from your customers about their experience with your cleaning service. By collecting feedback, you can identify areas of improvement and ensure customer satisfaction.

Cleaning Service Feedback Form Questions

  1. On a scale of 0 to 10, how satisfied are you with our cleaning service? This question allows customers to rate their overall satisfaction with your service. It provides a quantitative measure of customer satisfaction.

  2. What specific areas of our cleaning service do you think we can improve? This open-ended question encourages customers to provide specific feedback on areas that need improvement. It helps you identify specific pain points and prioritize improvements.

  3. Did our cleaning staff arrive on time? This question allows customers to provide a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down response regarding the punctuality of your cleaning staff. It helps you assess the reliability of your staff.

  4. Please rate the professionalism of our cleaning staff. This question uses a Likert scale to measure the professionalism of your cleaning staff. It helps you understand how customers perceive the behavior and attitude of your staff.

  5. How likely are you to recommend our cleaning service to others? This question uses a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) scale, consisting of smiley faces, to gauge customers’ willingness to recommend your service. It provides an indication of customer loyalty and advocacy.

  6. Please provide any additional comments or feedback about our cleaning service. This open-ended question allows customers to share any additional comments or feedback they may have. It gives them an opportunity to express their thoughts or concerns that may not have been covered by previous questions.

Feel free to customize this form to suit your specific cleaning service and business needs. By regularly collecting feedback and taking action on customer suggestions, you can continually improve your cleaning service and enhance customer satisfaction.

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