Customer Experience Survey

A structured survey focused on obtaining insights into the overall customer experience across all touchpoints of your service or product.

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About this template

The Customer Experience Survey has been meticulously crafted to gain a deep understanding of a customer’s journey and interaction with your products or services. Whether you operate in the retail, tech, hospitality, or any other sector, capturing the nuances of customer experiences is pivotal.

Beginning with a CSAT, this template gauges the immediate sentiment of the customer. The single-select question pinpoints the exact product or service the customer engaged with, making their feedback more actionable.

An essential part of this survey is the Likert scale question, which helps determine whether the product or service aligned with customer expectations. Such a question avoids binary ‘yes or no’ answers and gives customers the liberty to express varying degrees of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Further, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) assesses the overall satisfaction and likelihood of customers advocating for your product or service to others. This metric can be a powerful indicator of overall customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Tips for Maximising Survey Impact:

  • Personalise the questions based on your specific product or service categories.
  • Issue this survey post-purchase or after a notable touchpoint.
  • Analyse feedback periodically and consider implementing changes that resonate across multiple responses. Always remember, the primary objective is to perfect the customer journey and experience.

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