Demolition Survey

A survey designed to assess the efficiency, safety, and satisfaction related to demolition projects.

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About this template

The Demolition Survey is curated to gain insights into the efficiency and safety of demolition projects within the construction industry. Given the critical nature of demolitions, understanding every facet can be the difference between a successful operation and potential hazards.

Starting with an NPS question, we aim to gauge the overall efficiency of the demolition process. This serves as a preliminary indication of how smoothly operations ran. A score below 6 could be a flag to delve deeper into specifics.

Safety, a non-negotiable aspect of demolitions, is assessed using a thumbs type question. If the respondent indicates any lapses in safety, they are conditionally prompted to detail these concerns. Such insights are invaluable for companies to act promptly, rectify, and ensure such oversights are not repeated.

The survey also touches upon equipment efficiency. With myriad tools at a project manager’s disposal, knowing which equipment worked best can influence decisions in future projects. Closing with an open-ended question, respondents can provide any additional insights or suggestions.

Always end by acknowledging the effort taken to respond. This positive closure ensures the participant feels valued, thereby increasing the likelihood of their participation in future surveys.

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