Property Maintenance Feedback

A dedicated survey for tenants and property owners to share feedback on the maintenance services provided for their property. This helps property management companies improve their service delivery.

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About Property Maintenance Feedback Template

The Property Maintenance Feedback survey is crafted to capture the perceptions and experiences of tenants and property owners with respect to the maintenance services they’ve received. Regular property maintenance is vital not just for the property’s longevity but also for ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its occupants. Thus, feedback on this aspect can be immensely valuable for property management companies, helping them enhance the quality and efficiency of their services.

Every aspect of property maintenance, from the promptness of attending to requests to the quality of the work done, can impact a tenant’s or owner’s overall satisfaction. This survey is structured to understand these facets in detail.

Property Maintenance Feedback Questions

  1. The maintenance request was attended to promptly. - This Likert scale question assesses the responsiveness of the maintenance team, a crucial factor in emergency situations.

  2. The quality of the maintenance work was satisfactory. - Another Likert scale query that focuses on the quality of work, which is paramount in ensuring that the issue doesn’t recur.

  3. Please describe any specific issues or commendations regarding the maintenance work. - An open-ended question that allows tenants or owners to delve deeper into specific areas of concern or appreciation.

  4. On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our property maintenance services to others? - An NPS question gauging the overall satisfaction and the likelihood of the respondent endorsing the services to peers.

  5. Would you use our maintenance services again in the future? - This helps understand repeat value and trust in the services provided.

  6. Was the maintenance team courteous and respectful during their service? - Interpersonal interactions also play a role in overall satisfaction. This question assesses the professionalism of the maintenance team beyond just their technical expertise.

Ensuring that properties are well-maintained is not just about fixing issues; it’s about building trust and ensuring long-term relationships with tenants and property owners. This survey serves as a tool in that endeavor, providing actionable insights for continual improvement.

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