Employee NPS Survey

A targeted survey to measure employee satisfaction and loyalty through Net Promoter Score (NPS) and additional qualitative questions.

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About this template

The Employee NPS Survey is designed to assess employee satisfaction and loyalty using the Net Promoter Score (NPS). This indicator measures employees’ willingness to recommend the company as a great place to work, serving as a valuable barometer for overall satisfaction and employee engagement.

The survey starts with an NPS question, which is crucial for understanding how loyal your employees are. The follow-up question about the primary reason for their score provides context and depth, helping you understand the motivations behind the numbers.

For employees who give a score lower than 7, a conditional question is triggered, asking for suggestions to improve their experience. This offers an avenue for constructive feedback and actionable insights.

A ‘comfort level in sharing ideas’ question is added to explore the culture of openness within the company. This question is followed by another conditional question, providing an opportunity for employees who may feel inhibited to share their concerns.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Administer this survey periodically to track employee sentiment over time.
  • Ensure anonymity to encourage candid responses.
  • Combine the insights from this survey with other metrics for a more comprehensive view of your organisational health.

By using this template, you’re not just gauging numbers; you’re diving deeper into the ‘why’ behind them, making it a comprehensive tool for HR analytics.

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