Employment Satisfaction Survey

A detailed survey to gauge employee satisfaction, workplace conditions, and areas of improvement within the company.

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About this template

The Employment Satisfaction Survey is a robust instrument curated to measure employee satisfaction levels, the effectiveness of the workplace conditions, and highlight potential areas of improvement. This survey acts as a litmus test for gauging the general sentiment of employees within a company.

Beginning with a CSAT question, the survey delves into how an employee feels about their current role. The subsequent Likert scale question is tailored to assess the emotional aspect – does the employee feel valued? Such questions help in understanding the more intrinsic facets of job satisfaction.

It’s also vital to discern whether employees possess the requisite tools and resources to execute their duties. This is crucial for both productivity and satisfaction. A dedicated question addressing this is followed by a conditional query for those who feel there’s room for resource augmentation.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) weighs the likelihood of employees recommending the company as a prospective workplace, reflecting their overall job satisfaction. Open-ended questions about the positives and potential areas of growth paint a comprehensive picture of the employee experience.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • Ensure the survey remains anonymous to promote honest and candid feedback.
  • Distribute this survey periodically (e.g., annually) to track changes and identify patterns over time.
  • Regularly communicate the results and the actions the company plans to take, thus building trust and showing employees that their feedback is being actioned upon.

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