Engagement Survey

A structured survey designed to measure employee engagement, commitment, and job satisfaction in an organisation.

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About this template

The Engagement Survey is primed to delve deep into the levels of engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty among employees. An organisation’s success is tightly intertwined with its employees’ happiness and commitment. Hence, understanding employee engagement becomes a vital aspect of HR’s role.

Commencing with Likert scale questions, this survey aims to fathom employees’ sentiments towards the organisation, team, and alignment of their roles with their career goals. These questions offer employees a spectrum of responses, avoiding a restrictive binary choice and thus capturing more nuanced insights.

A pivotal part of this survey is the query about considering leaving the company. It’s complemented with a conditional question that allows respondents to provide reasons, granting HR invaluable insights into potential organisational challenges or issues.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) query ascertains the likelihood of employees recommending the organisation as a workplace — a significant indicator of overall engagement and satisfaction.

How to get the best results with this template:

  • It’s imperative that this survey remains anonymous, ensuring genuine and uninhibited responses.
  • Conduct this survey periodically, such as annually, to track engagement trends over time.
  • Use insights gained from this survey in conjunction with other HR tools, like exit interviews and performance reviews, to gain a holistic understanding of the workplace environment.

Remember, while numbers provide insights, the real value lies in understanding the reasons behind those numbers and formulating strategies to address them.

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