Lost Customer Survey

Gather feedback from customers who have stopped using your product or service.

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About Lost Customer Survey Template

The Lost Customer Survey Template is designed to gather valuable feedback from customers who have stopped using your product or service. By understanding the reasons behind customer churn, you can identify areas for improvement and take proactive steps to retain customers in the future.

To get the best results from this survey, it is important to customize the questions based on your specific business and industry. The template provides a starting point, but feel free to modify and add questions as needed.

Lost Customer Survey Questions

  1. What was the primary reason for discontinuing our product/service?

This open-ended question allows customers to provide detailed feedback on why they stopped using your product or service. Their insights can help you uncover any pain points or issues that need to be addressed.

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied were you with our product/service?

This question provides a quantitative measure of customer satisfaction. It helps you gauge the overall satisfaction level and identify any patterns or trends.

  1. What could we have done better to retain you as a customer?

For customers who rated their satisfaction below a certain threshold (e.g., less than 7), this question allows them to provide specific suggestions for improvement. Their feedback can highlight areas where your product or service fell short.

  1. Would you consider using our product/service again in the future?

This question helps you assess the likelihood of winning back lost customers. Their response can provide insights into their future intentions and potential opportunities for re-engagement.

  1. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions.

This open-ended question gives customers an opportunity to provide any additional feedback or suggestions that may not have been covered in the previous questions.

Remember to analyze the survey results and use the feedback to drive improvements in your product, service, or customer experience. By addressing the concerns of lost customers, you can enhance customer retention and strengthen your business.

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