Movie Survey

A survey designed to understand viewers' preferences, experiences, and recommendations related to movies.

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About this template

The Movie Survey is expertly crafted to gauge the movie-watching habits, preferences, and recommendations of the general audience. Understanding viewers’ choices is paramount for content creators, distributors, and entertainment platforms in today’s competitive market.

The survey kickstarts with understanding movie genre preferences. This single-select question serves to pinpoint popular genres, allowing for more tailored content curation. Following this, gauging the frequency of movie-watching helps in understanding viewer engagement.

With the multi-select question about recent movies, insights about viewership trends and popular titles can be deduced. An NPS-style question about recommending movies provides an understanding of viewers’ advocacy behaviour—a vital metric in the world of entertainment.

Lastly, open-ended questions solicit movie recommendations and feedback. This not only fosters viewer interaction but can also offer unexpected insights into audience tastes. Always closing with a thank-you message ensures a positive end to the surveying experience, fostering goodwill for future engagements.

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