Podcast Survey

A survey designed to understand listeners' preferences, feedback, and suggestions to improve podcast content and delivery.

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About this template

The Podcast Survey is crafted to capture the listening experiences and preferences of your audience. In the rapidly growing world of podcasts, understanding what your listeners enjoy, what they might be missing, and their overall experience is crucial.

This survey kicks off by gauging frequency of listenership. This provides insights into how regular or committed your audience is, which can be a telling metric about your podcast’s resonance with its audience.

The audio quality of a podcast can significantly affect listenership. A star-rating question efficiently captures this, allowing for a quantitative measure of your technical execution.

Understanding the kind of content your audience prefers, such as topics or types of episodes, offers a clear direction for future content planning. The multi-select question enables listeners to select multiple areas of interest, providing a multi-dimensional view of preferences.

The open-ended textarea question about guest or topic suggestions is a goldmine for content ideas. Encouraging listeners to contribute to content direction can foster a sense of community and loyalty.

Lastly, an NPS styled question helps measure the likelihood of listeners recommending the podcast. This can be a strong indicator of overall content and execution quality.

In conclusion, regular feedback is crucial for any content creator. By integrating feedback and acting upon it, podcasters can ensure a growing and engaged listenership.

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